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Clipper lighter without gas

About this collectible Clipper lighter we can tell you...

The Oscar To the Meanest edition reusable Clipper lighter is a must-have Clipper for any lover of the ‘reusable’ collection and the world of the Oscars. Made in Spain with high quality materials. The lighter has no gas but is rechargeable. This Clipper has been created by the company Flamagas S.A.
This gasless lighter is designed with a charming motif of one of the most important film awards such as the Oscars.
Main features:
Reusable: Unlike conventional disposable lighters, the Clipper Lighter can be easily recharged, making it a sustainable and economical option in the long run. Simply use refillable gas to keep enjoying your Clipper lighter over and over again.
Ergonomic Design: The Clipper lighter is designed with user comfort in mind. Its rounded shape fits perfectly in the hand, providing a secure and comfortable grip during ignition. Additionally, it features a smooth and precise ignition wheel for a hassle-free experience.
Oscar To the Meanest: The Oscar al Edition. Baddest features a fascinating design of an Oscar film award, inspired by the symbolism of this award.
Made in Spain: The Reusable Clipper Lighter – Oscar To the Meanest is a product proudly made in Spain. With the highest standards of quality and attention to detail, this lighter guarantees exceptional durability and performance.
Technical specifications:
High quality plastic material
Color: Black with gold Oscar print
Fuel: Gasless, uses interchangeable flint stones
The perfect lighter for any lover of Clipper’s reusable collection. Last unit available!
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