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Are you a lover of Clipper lighters and surprises? Then the Mystery Box is for you! This mystery box comes with 15 Clipper lighters in various editions and themes, each with a unique and exciting design. And best of all, no two are alike, so you’ll have a complete collection of Clipper lighters that will make you stand out from your friends.
Each Clipper lighter in the Mystery Box has been made in Spain to the highest quality standards, which means that they are not only beautiful to look at, but also functional and durable. In addition, Clipper lighters are refillable and have a replaceable flint system, they come without gas, which makes them more environmentally friendly.
Want an exciting way to add to your Clipper lighter collection and feel the thrill of opening a jack-in-the-box? So don’t wait any longer, get your Mystery Box today and discover what fascinating designs await you inside!
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