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Clipper lighter without gas

About this collectible Clipper lighter we can tell you...

Three original Kannasutra Clipper lighters Los Cogollitos edition. Manufactured in Spain. Sold as shown in photos. They do not contain gas, but are refillable. Flamagas S.A

Los Cogollitos Clipper Kannasutra lighters are a special edition of the Clipper lighter brand, designed – at the time to be used in conjunction with cannabis consumption and now as a collector’s item. These lighters feature a unique and colorful design, with images of cannabis plants and psychedelic motifs inspired by Hindu culture.
These lighters also feature an easy reload system and a replaceable flint flint, making them ideal for collectors looking for quality items. Los Cogollitos Clipper Kannasutra lighters are a popular choice among lighter collectors and cannabis enthusiasts due to their striking design and quality build.

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