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Clipper lighter without gas

Four Clipper lighters of original personages from The Cogollitos. Made in Spain. Sold as shown in photos. Without gas (Refillable). Flamagas S.A

Clipper lighters are known to be very popular with collectors around the world, and one of their most prominent lines is the Los Cogollitos character lighters. Los Cogollitos is a Spanish brand of rolling papers and accessories for smokers that has launched a line of Clipper lighters with exclusive designs of some of its most popular characters, such as “Cogollo Man” or “Monstruo de los Cogollos”. Each lighter is presented with the corresponding character design, making them a unique collector’s item. In addition, these Clipper lighters have features that make them very attractive to collectors, such as their refill system and interchangeable stone, which allows the lighter to be reused and extends its useful life. The availability of these Los Cogollitos Clipper lighters may vary, but at Mundo Clipper – one of the largest online stores for Clipper flat lighter collectors – you will find many editions in the Cogollitos Catalog by clicking here.