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Clipper lighter without gas

About this collectible Clipper lighter we can tell you...

Four Clipper lighters with original Los Cogollitos prints. Manufactured in Spain. Sold as shown in photos. WITHOUT GAS (Rechargeable). Flamagas S.A

Clipper lighters are very popular with collectors due to their wide variety of designs, colors and styles. One of the most sought after designs are the Clipper lighters with floret prints. Cogollitos are the buds of the cannabis plant and are very popular with cannabis aficionados. The bud designs on Clipper lighters can range from realistic images to more abstract and stylized illustrations. Clipper lighters with florets prints are often available at specialty smokers’ stores and can also be found online on collectors’ and dealers’ websites. If you’re a Clipper lighter collector looking for a Clipper with floret prints, it’s important to note that some designs may be more difficult to find than others and therefore command a higher price. It is also important to note that although Clipper lighters are designed to be refilled and reused, some collectors prefer to keep their lighters in their original, unused condition to maintain their collectible value.

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